Do you suffer with pain?

You’re not alone, chronic pain is a huge problem affecting anywhere between 30% and 50% of the population. The cost to the British economy is measured in billions and the personal cost is immeasurable. Lost time at work, sleep problems, depression and many other symptoms of pain, all impact upon quality of life. Traditional treatments of pain relief such as medication, manipulation or surgery often prove ineffective, giving short term relief that can result in unwanted side effects.

The Pain Eraser process is a new way of relieving chronic pain and is unlike treatments you may have tried in the past. This innovative intervention can eradicate or dramatically reduce chronic pain. It is based upon the latest understanding of pain and unlike many other treatments is typically effective in one session.

If you suffer with pain, read on…

Pain is a signal.

It works like a fire alarm, alerting us to areas that need our immediate attention. 

It’s purpose is to protect us and it is a crucial part of our survival system.

We have all experienced pain at some point in our lives. Pain is a part of our survival system and its purpose is to protect us from harm. It is a signal that interrupts our thoughts and demands that we react appropriately. It could be as simple as moving away from the source of harm or as important as seeking medical help. Unpleasant as it is, it is a necessary protection and you wouldn’t want to be without the ability to experience pain.












Pain that persists for a long time is no longer serving it’s purpose.

Long term or chronic pain is like a fire alarm that hasn’t been reset.

Pain is a warning and its purpose is to protect us from harm, it is designed to be a short term signal which should not go on for more than six weeks. If it does, then it has turned into chronic pain which at its best is uncomfortable and at its worst, totally debilitating. Assuming that you have already heeded the warning, chronic pain has nothing new to warn you of and is no longer required. 





To remove pain you need to go to the source. 

The reason that you suffer with chronic pain is because your protection/survival system is still trying to warn you of harm and it is only by reassuring your survival system that you no longer need the warning, that it will release you from pain.

This is done by communicating at a neurological level with the sub-conscious mind, a process that we do all the time through our thoughts, words and imagination.

  • Pain Eraser offers a simple & effective solution to chronic pain.
  • Pain Eraser is a talking therapy that communicates directly with the sub-conscious mind to erase pain signals.
  • Pain Eraser can be used to eliminate any chronic pain resulting from injury or ongoing illnesses such as Arthritis or pain with unknown causes such as fybromialgia.
  • Pain Eraser is usually delivered in one session.

Video Testimonial

This session took just over 1 hour to complete. All I asked Roland to do was just listen to me and follow some simple instructions.

This is my dad, this session has given him a new lease of life truly amazing, the difference is unbelievable. Highly recommended. Melanie

Pain Eraser Clinics are currently available in Manchester & Oldham:

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Anthony J Tait BSc (Hons)

My name is Anthony and I have been a student of the mind for over 30 years. I have  studied NLP, Hypnotherapy, Lifecoaching and other related mind sciences. I have studied with and been mentored by such names as Gil Boyne, Ormond McGill, Ali Campbell, Steven Brookes, The Speakmans, Steven Blake and many others. For many years I travelled the world and spent many thousands of pounds trying to find a solution to my own pain, determined to find a solution that would work for me and something that I could use to help others. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am sceptical, does it work?

Yes, most people are sceptical. You just have to want to get rid of your pain.

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Does it work on any pain?

It works on any pain, regardless of the original cause.

What outcome can I expect?

Most people will have their pain completely removed, some will notice a drastic reduction in their pain and a very small number will not feel any benefit. I don’t charge unless you are happy, so you have nothing to lose but your pain.

What guarantees are there?

No therapy is 100% effective, but I don’t charge unless you are happy, so you have nothing to lose.

Do you diagnose my pain?

No, I leave that to your GP and medical specialist.

It can’t remove pain if I have arthritis, can it?

Yes, it can remove any pain regardless of the cause. 

Is it easy?

Yes, surprisingly so.

Does it last?

Yes, once the pain is switched off, it is switched off for good.

How long does it take?

A session is usually completed in under an hour.

Why does it work?

Pain is a signal and when the sub-conscious realises it is no longer needed, it readily agrees to switch it off. This therapy doesn’t heal your arthritis for example, just turns off the pain signal. However, when the pain is turned off, the bodies own healing mechanisms are more effective.

Is it hypnosis?

The short answer is no, closing your eyes, trance and lying on a bed for hours is not required.

Where can I get more information?

Contact me using the form above or you can like and follow my facebook page at

Certified Practitioner OldPain2Go

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